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  1. Aimee Alster 8th Jun 6:00 pm

    Gorgeous hair and that bag is amazing!

  2. Lucy 20th Jun 12:00 pm

    Amazing pictures and great blog. More fashion items here

  3. Karen 20th Jun 12:02 pm

    I love so much pictures!!!!!!! Your blog is perfect. Check out my website about fashion

  4. cashmere cardigan 25th Jun 5:58 am

    It’s all about the bracelet and the oxblood docs – good style!

  5. Opposite Lipstick 29th Jun 9:27 pm
  6. asi 30th Jun 5:41 am

    Fabulous look, beautiful outfit . amazing pics.
    Parfum pas cher

  7. fashion-hot 7th Jul 6:28 am

    Such relaxing and calm colours!

  8. Marjolein 9th Jul 2:43 pm

    Are there new posts coming up soon?
    I hope so because this is one of the best streetstyle blogs in my opinion. I love the fact that it doesn’t only show models off duty or people who only wear really exspensive stuff. I love that you show real people who are just ‘people’ with a cool style :)

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